If the outcome were negative, I’d call it irony

I sent my resume to a dream employer last week; they probably got my stuff Monday. Although I realized my expectations were completely out of whack, I really had this idea that they’d call me, like, Right Away, as in, like, Monday.

And they didn’t. So I realigned my expectations. No big.

Today, I rejiggered the cover letter I wrote for that job and sent it off for another job–less dreamy, but better than many of the alternatives and probably a pretty good job all considered.

Five minutes after I sent my resume off for that second job (via email, not post), my phone rang. I honestly thought the second job employer was calling.

No, it was the first job employer. Calling to ask me to come in for an interview and tentatively scheduling that interview.

I don’t know what literary term applies here–irony doesn’t seem to fit–but whatever it is, it’s Good.


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