Not bad, not bad at all

After avoiding the scale for three and a half weeks because of a touch of overindulgence and a lack of more regular workouts during that time, I finally weighed myself last night. And the scale told me that I’ve lost a total of seven pounds since March 9. Which is not bad, folks, not bad at all. Now, the last pound and a half of that took almost four weeks to come off (hello, plateau) but I think I’m over the hump and back on track now.

More to the point, I put on a pair of pants this morning that I haven’t worn in two years. TWO YEARS. And they fit better now than they did then. Which probably says more about the yoga and the running than it does about the weight loss.

My original goal was to lose 12 pounds by June 10 (we’re going to Mexico). That’s only four weeks away, though, and I am not sure I can lose the last five pounds in four weeks, especially considering I’m traveling this week, next weekend, and over Memorial Day weekend. But that’s OK—I’m feeling good about my body, good enough to put on a swimsuit for five days and that’s what the goal was always about.

Since I know I won’t meet my original goal, I set a new goal for myself—to get back to my wedding weight by August 31. That’s an additional five pounds, for a total of 10 pounds less than I weigh right now, and 17 total. It’s a bit of a longshot—not only am I not sure I can actually lose those last five pounds but I’m also pretty sure I can’t maintain that weight. I’d rather hit my original goal and keep getting fit than starve myself down to my wedding weight and then watch myself gain those five pounds right back. But we’ll see.  If I can do it slowly and steadily over the summer—in other words, the right way—maybe I can get there and stay there.


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  1. I wish you all the best, I wish I had the dedication you have 🙂

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