Prep work

Since Mr. D is off to parts east in four short weeks, we’re starting the process of getting all packed up. (We needed to start doing this anyway, since our landlord is putting our apartment on the market and asked us to “declutter” as much as possible. Never mind that she didn’t offer to pay for a storage unit or anything so we could do that, she just asked us to stage it for her. Huh?) I ran by Home Depot yesterday for moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape.

Anyway, now that we’re getting started, I realize how much we have to do. We’ve been in this apartment for three years and we’ve collected a lot of stuff in that time. I realized a few months ago that I’ve personally lived in this apartment longer than I’ve lived anywhere else since I graduated from college. Actually, since I left home for college. I’ve lived in 8 apartments in the last 11 years, folks — and if I’ve lived here for THREE of those years, that tells you something about how long I lived in the other 7 places. Anyway, given that this place has been my home longer than any other place in my adult life, and given that I inherited my maternal grandfather’s propensity to be a packrat…well, there’s just a lot of accumulated crap around here.

Frankly, it’s a little daunting. But we’re facing a deadline, and deadlines always help me get stuff done. I want to clean out the office closet today and into this week, and then pack up the lion’s share of books, movies, CD and other assorted clutter (knicknacks, pictures, doodads, the like) by the end of next weekend. Along the way, we’ll do a nice deep clean on the place — run the self-cleaning function on the oven, do another round of ammonia cleaning on the burner grates, wipe down the walls, heavy-mop the floors, and deep clean the rugs. Honestly, once it gets clean, it’s easy enough to keep it tidy. It’s just getting it there that seems overwhelming.

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