Everybody do the limboooo…..

Despite knowing when Mr. D. starts his new job (3 1/2 weeks) and when I start mine (3 months, give or take), and despite knowing when our lease here is up (2 months), I feel like we’re stuck in a bit of limbo. Mr. D. and I are both waiting on official offer letters — I don’t really need mine except for peace of mind because my employer is private, but his employer is government, so the letter means something — and without at least his offer letter, we’re hesitant to dive into our housing search.

And that’s stressing me out. Because here is how our housing situation is going to have to unfold:

  • Mr. D. leaves — driving — for our new city in 3 or so weeks, with a car full of clothes and a few boxes of stuff that he might as well take with him now.
  • He stays…somewhere. Extended stay hotel? Sublet? Short-term rental? We’re not sure. Wherever he stays, it probably has to be furnished and it needs to be somewhat cheap because we’ll still be paying the full rent on our current apartment.
  • Once there, he looks for a long-term place for us, with a lease starting…August 1? August 15? Probably no later than mid-August. We pay double rent for a portion of August and possibly triple rent if he’s had to get a short-term rental (current apartment, short-term rental, new place). Egads.
  • Once new place is rented, we get movers to take our stuff from our current apartment to the new place. I stay in the current apartment, with —and then without — stuff until the end of August. Unless our landlord sells the place before then and wants me out (with pro-rated rent, of course). That scenario seems unlikely.
  • I take our dog 5 hours away to my in-laws so he doesn’t get neurotic and weird living in an empty apartment and so I don’t have to find a sublet that takes a dog.  Oh, right…
  • Once I move out of our current apartment at the end of August, I move into a sublet (or extended stay hotel or short-term rental) until mid-to-late September (still not totally sure what my last day of work will be).
  • On my last day of work, I pack up a rent car with whatever clothes and other necessities I’ve kept with me, drive to the in-laws for the dog, and drive from there to our new city. Mr. D. maybe flies out to meet me and drive with me.

I’m not wrong that that looks crazy, am I? And I’m not wrong that this looks super stressful, right? There are just too many unknowns — where does Mr. D. stay for the first few weeks he’s out there? Will we be able to find the kind of place we want on a short schedule? Is our budget realistic?

So we’re waiting. Hopefully Mr. D. gets his offer letter today and we can contact a housing agent soon. I’d feel better about all of this if someone who knows the housing market out there told me it’s not the most insane thing they’ve ever seen.

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