An update already??

When I said stay tuned, I didn’t know I meant “stay tuned for ten minutes.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is on the verge of buying ITA, a travel search firm. Consistently, Google says the deal isn’t problematic because—wait for it—

it doesn’t currently compete against ITA, which licenses its technology to help power travel booking sites including and those owned by individual airlines.

Of course, the Journal’s not dumb:

Still, the acquisition could come under regulatory scrutiny because it would pair the largest search site on the Web with the dominant travel search software company.

Why, that sounds like Google buying DoubleClick! And Google knows it:

Mr. Schmidt said during the conference call that while he was comfortable with the company’s position, Google expected a “significant” regulatory review of the deal.

The one following on the heels of the other makes this an interesting morning for those of us who don’t really buy “don’t be evil.”

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