Remember all my stress?

Some of it has been relieved.

Mr. D. is in parts east, on a house-hunting trip. And he found a place. And according to our real estate agent, it’s the nicest of the places he had lined up to look at. It’s also not the most expensive (though not the cheapest, alas). And it’s in a cute neighborhood with an easy commute for both of us. And our real estate agent turned out to be so helpful and kind and funny (and possibly a little in her cups when I spoke with her earlier, in a sweet and endearing way). Mr. D. is excited about the place, I’m excited about it (even though I haven’t seen it), and having the question of where we’ll live when we get there sewn up is really just so nice.

If all goes well, Mr. D. will sign the lease paperwork tomorrow before he leaves to come back home. And that will be that.

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