Facing reality

Housing is settled. The lease is signed on the new house in another city, my “application” for my September sublet has been turned in, and Mr. D. has his extended stay hotel reservation all locked in. Whew!

Now we have to figure out all the other details.

Like, when will the movers come? Will we have to pack anything or will the movers pack everything? (From what I can tell, they’ll do the packing, but I don’t know if that means they’ll pack everything or if they won’t, for instance, go into my drawers to pack my unmentionables. Which I’d rather they not do.) Once the movers come, how long will it take for them to get there? What will I be sleeping on for two weeks in an empty apartment? Where will the dog stay, and how will he get there? (We’re pretty sure the dog will be with Mr. D’s parents, but how he gets to their house, five hours away, is still up in the air.)

Anyway, all the little details being so up in the air makes me (and Mr. D.) a little nervous. We’re both stressed. We’re on edge. And we only have four more days together before he takes off to start his new job and we won’t see each other for seven weeks.  We’re trying to relax a bit and enjoy each other this week — we’re going to a movie tomorrow night and a play with friends on Wednesday — but we’re also both a little more inclined to snap at each other right now. And we’re both doing so much thinking about all the little details, but we’re not sharing that thinking with each other, so we’re getting frustrated with each other when we don’t automatically and already know about all the little thoughts the other has been gnawing on for hours and days.

So this is what it’s like to go through this. It’s not fun. I guess we’ve been particularly lucky — since we started dating, the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in person was two weeks, the summer before we got married. And that was seven years ago. Since that two week separation (I was out of the country for work), we have not gone longer than a few days without seeing each other.

I know other couples have dealt with much worse (I’m just thinking of all those couples dealing with military deployments). So I am not asking for any sympathy, really. I’m just venting, because this is new and difficult for me.