Unexpectedly poignant things

Our movers come in just about two weeks to pack us up and take our stuff out east so I’ve been doing a lot of stuff this week in anticipation of that. Surprisingly, a lot of these things have been sort of emotionally fraught for me. Which is weird. Less weird for some of them than others, of course.

Less weird:

  • Telling our dog walker we’re moving and what our last day will be.
  • Making a list of my necessities for the six weeks I’ll be here after the movers come.
  • Making a rental car reservation for the trip to my in-laws’ when I’ll drop the dog off for six weeks.

More weird:

  • Changing our address for our car and renter’s insurance.
  • Arranging cancellation of the cable (mostly because we have a few special shows recorded on our DVR that have been there for three years that will go away when the box does).
  • Setting a stop-service order on our electricity account.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve done all of these things, well, TODAY and they are only emotionally heavy in combination. Whatever the case may be, I think I just want to get past it all and be excited again.

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