Separation anxiety

To my delight, the days have been going by pretty quickly. Another week down! Only eight weeks to go!

Of course, to my horror, the days have been going by pretty quickly without me getting jack done. And that’s making me super nervous.  I need to keep going through stuff in our apartment — things need to be thrown away, other things need to be filed away safely, and yet other things just need to be found before the movers get here.

Also, my dog goes to “camp” in less than two weeks, and that’s filling me with dread. He’s been dealing with some separation anxiety lately, I think.  Sometimes he’s fine — sticks to his routine, happily goes to his kennel at night, happily plays fetch — but other times I can tell he’s confused and insecure. Last night he really did not want to go to his kennel to sleep. He wanted to sleep with me, either on the bed or on one of his dog beds right next to the bed. And while I allowed either or both of those things a couple of times right after Mr. D. left (more out of my own neediness), I really don’t want him getting used to it. Especially not right before he goes to camp. (Camp is staying with Mr. D.’s parents, who have never before owned a dog. They like our boy and he stayed there for two weeks at Christmas when we were out of the country, but it’s still not something that’s totally in their comfort zone.)

So last night after taking the dog out and pouring myself a water, I told him to get in his kennel. Instead of dashing to his kennel and bed, though, he continued standing at the door to the bedroom, looking at me expectantly. When I repeated the command, his tail went all the way down (and his tail is only 2″ long, so that’s a feat), and he veeeerrrry sloooooooooowly started to slink towards his kennel.

I eventually got him in his kennel (I tricked him — I let him lay down on the dog bed next to my bed but when he got up to get water, I followed and then directed him to the kennel, which is near his water bowl). But he rattled the door of the kennel for 15 minutes, hoping to be let out.  (I did not succumb!)  Anyway, he seems fine this morning and was curled up among his blankets when I went to take him out this morning. So I’m thinking he is no worse for the wear — and he probably doesn’t remember why he was so reluctant last night anyway.

At any rate, I am really trying to keep things very normal for him over the next couple of weeks, because being at camp will be another shock to his system. At least he’ll be there for a while. It seems strange, but I think his being there a full six weeks means he’ll have a good chance to get relaxed and comfortable and feel secure and happy instead of feeling insecure and disrupted. And nothing ever changes at my in-laws’ so there won’t be anything to shake him up. And there will be squirrels.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to enjoy the last two weeks in this apartment with all of our stuff. We’ve made a very comfortable home here — everything works in its place so well and its so, well, comfortable. And for two weeks I’ll be living here without any stuff and it won’t be very comfortable. I’m not really looking forward to that. I’ll also be without a TV or cable service — though I’ll have the internet, of course — which is going to limit how I can spend my time. I’m planning on watching a lot of Netflix instant streaming and I’ll probably hold out the Buffy Chosen Collection so I can watch that too.  Maybe I’ll rewatch BSG while I’m at it.

So there it is. Two weeks of normal — or, as normal as possible without Mr. D. — followed by two weeks of pretty bad. Yeah, I better enjoy normal while I’ve got it.

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