I’m kind of having a shitty week.

Yesterday I followed up on a minor health issue and my doctor decided to play it safe and referred me to a very scary doctor for evaluation. I know that this doctor is the best person to evaluate what’s going on with me and that this issue really is, in all likelihood, nothing at all to be concerned about, but it totally threw my day out of whack. I cried at work, for heaven’s sake.

But I was trying to turn it around — I went to yoga last night and set my intention to just let go of the worry and know that I was doing everything I could. And it kind of worked. I mean, I’m a worrier so I never really totally let go of the worry, but it was lessened at least. I slept really hard and well. (So hard and well that I had to go back to bed for another half hour this morning. I think that was actually because of the crying, though.)

But then this morning I got to work and discovered my landlord sent me a snide email about the real estate agent who was supposed to be showing my apartment to prospective tenants. He apparently sent her an email to her last night at ELEVEN THIRTY which said, in its entirety:

I tried to schedule showings over the weekend but was unbale to reach your tennants.

Now, nevermind the hideous typos. Or the fact that that is ALL the email said. What really matters is that it’s just not TRUE. Or, if it is true and he did try to reach me over the weekend he did so using the wrong phone number and/or email address. Which is strange, because he has both for me and has successfully communicated with me using both of them.

So my landlord of course responds to this by firing him (I’m not sure exactly what happened — he was only contracted to show the place for the rest of this week anyway, and then someone else was taking over and it sounds like she just accelerated that process). But then she sends me a snide email about how “important” it is that I “immediately” contact the new agent because “scheduling showings is a very time sensitive process.”

I am FURIOUS. I have bent over BACKWARDS to accommodate this woman and her requests to show my apartment — yes, MY apartment, where I LIVE — and I have YET to say “no” even when the timing is super-inconvenient for me and for my dog. How DARE she? Some asshole agent — who completely ignored my requests for 48 hours notice of showings (which, by the way, I am ENTITLED to BY LAW), who would call ME and then sound like he was reading his email or checking the scores online and completely not hear anything I had to say because he was so distracted — decides to brush off his own incompetence by saying that I was unreachable?

So there went all my good work on getting centered again, on being at peace, on not being a worrier or stress bunny or a ball of nerves.

I am so mad.

Update: Well, my landlord replied to me saying that she thought his story was “fishy” and that he was looking for a “scapegoat” so I guess she was just having her own anger response last night when she emailed me. So I feel a little better, except that the adrenaline is still flowing, making it difficult for me to come back down.

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