A girl and her dog

For the last few weeks, I’ve been letting the dog sleep on a doggie bed next to my bed. This is not the norm — he usually has to sleep in his kennel, which is in the other room. And before Mr. D. left, that wasn’t a problem.

But after Mr. D. left, he stopped wanting to sleep in his kennel. He wanted to be next to me. We’ve let him sleep next to the bed in the past, usually if there were thunderstorms (he hates thunder). But over the last four weeks, I’ve let him sleep there almost every night (and definitely every night since I got back from my grandfather’s funeral — I think Mr. D. leaving a week before combined with my boarding him at the vet for four days really bothered him).

Some nights, I’ve even let him up on the bed for a little while before turning the light out. This is actually not all that unusual — it’s certainly more normal than him getting to sleep next to my bed every night. He’s pretty good about hopping down from the bed when it’s time to sleep.

A couple of nights, though, I’ve also let him stay up on the bed after I turn the light out. This is unusual, a special treat. But even then, he doesn’t usually stay on the bed for very long — he usually hops off the bed after an hour or so and curls up in his own spot.

So now you know the normal state of affairs.

Well last night, he was in his bed next to my bed. And I turned the light out. And then I heard clicking toenails as he walked over to the other side of the bed, where I put a little ottoman that he can use as a stair to get up on the bed (short little legs). I rolled over and peered at him, and his tail was down and he looked very scared. So I let him up on the bed, figuring he’d stay there for an hour or so and then hop down into his own bed.

Nope. He stayed on the bed with me all night, cuddled right up next to me. And when my alarm went off this morning, he perked up, rested his head on my hip, licked my hand, and THEN hopped down and went off to his kennel.

I think he knows he’s going to camp tomorrow. And that I’m getting pretty sad about saying goodbye to him for six whole weeks.

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