Box this

It’s all in boxes!

The packers left, to return tomorrow morning to load everything up. I get to relax on my couch and in my easy chair for one more evening; even better, I get to sleep on my bed for one more night.

As soon as they left, I pulled all my stuff out of the bathroom where it had been hiding and took a shower. At least my bathroom is still my bathroom. (And boy is it a mess. Packing up in there is going to be a DISASTER. Why did I ever need five bottles of Bath & Body Works’ Glove Potion Number Nine? And do I really need to keep hauling all five bottles around with me every time we move? I don’t even really use lotion.)

I’m still having a hard time really envisioning how empty it’s going to be in here when all the stuff is gone, but I guess I only have to wait a few hours to see it for real, right? I am sure as soon as everything is gone I’m going to say, “OH! That’s what it’s like in here! OK, BRING IT BACK.”

But they won’t be able to. It’ll be on its way down the highway, set to be delivered by Thursday (so much earlier than the original estimate! Hooray for Mr. D. getting the furniture so soon! This is me being selfless!). And I’ll still be here. Sleeping on an air mattress.

Five and a half weeks. It might be time to start counting in days. OK, then. Thirty-nine days. And counting.

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