First night

My apartment is completely empty.

Except for my air mattress, nicely made up with my sheets and pillows and two TV trays on which I have my large monitor and  laptop set up.

The really bizarre thing is that I am sitting in an empty room on a camp chair, Skyping with Mr. D. on my laptop monitor while watching The Guild on my big monitor, while using a headset, which I’ve never used before. If you’ve watched The Guild, you will understand the odd irony of this.

Luckily, tomorrow night is trivia night (we are on a 2-win streak right now) and a good friend is on vacation in my city with her husband and adorable 2 year old this week/weekend. So I am hoping I will have plenty of opportunities to get out of the house over the next several days. I need those opportunities because it’ll be a rough couple of weeks otherwise.

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