Things I should have done sooner.

Oh my god, did it really take me five years — or, at best, 9 months, since that’s how long ago I picked running back up — to take a run along the lakshore? That’s not even really fair — I did do a couple of runs along the lake in law school, but I did them up by the law school, not downtown near all the fabulous buildings. And let me tell you…there is something completely amazing about running along the shore with a stand of tall, architectural wonders looming over you.

So yeah, I had a great run this afternoon! It was exactly the kind of run I needed — burning off a lot of my stress, filling me with endorphins, and making me really nostalgic for this city. This city that I have liked but never really loved, this city that I’m leaving in four weeks.

Anyway, now that I’ve done it, I’ll be doing a lot more of it. It’s so easy to take my gear to work, change at the end of the day, take a long run, and then swing back by the office to get my stuff and go home. And this is the time of year to maximize my laekshore running.  In fact, it’s likely I wouldn’t be able to do much running along the lakeshore four weeks from now, even if I were staying here. (OK, that’s not totally true, but I would have to layer more. And I think eight weeks from now I really would be in trouble trying to do much lakeshore running.)

I guess it’s good to leave on a high note. I have always had a rule about parties (courtesy of one of my college roommates) — leave while you’re still having fun.  I guess I’ll be leaving Chicago when I’m still having fun.

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