Moving again and again and again

I have now moved again. I know that the last move wasn’t really me actually moving — the movers were just taking my stuff. But it was still a move, y’all. And now I’ve moved again, into my 4-week temporary living situation.

I am now living in a 15×15 box. It has a separate kitchenette and a full bathroom and a very big closet. It has a crappy window unit AC unit that I had to rig up so it wouldn’t leak my cold air into the outside, and a mattress on the floor, and a dinky coffee table. It has stained walls and mold in the bathroom closet and crappy carpet.

But it’s home for the next 3-1/2 weeks so I’m making it as comfy as possible. I cooked dinner on the teeny-tiny cooktop tonight, after a quick grocery run to the same cute store where I used to shop three years ago when we lived in this same area of town. And I’ve gotten everything as unpacked as possible — which is relatively simple when you don’t have any drawers; my clothes are separated out by “drawer” into my various suitcases and duffel bags. (Yes, my hanging clothes are hanging.)

The best thing by far about this living situation is that I am no longer sleeping on an air mattress. I am sleeping on a real mattress, thank goodness. It’s not the best bed but it’s a real innerspring mattress that I can actually sit on. Hallelujah.

Also hallelujah? I get to see Mr. D. in FOUR DAYS. It’s good to have something to look forward to when you’re living in a box.

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