Lightening the load

So I alluded to this the other day, but I cut all my hair off over the last year.

When I graduated from law school two years ago, my hair was past my shoulders; since then, it’s gotten progressively shorter, going first to a swing bob that went past my chin and then to a shorter, layered cut that curled around my ears and the nape of my neck.

But last spring, about six months ago, I decided I wanted to try going even shorter. So my stylist cut it short in the back, leaving some length in the crown and front (think an updated version of the short, blonde cut Gwyneth Paltrow had in Sliding Doors). And it was cute, but there was still too much hair on my head. So by June, I had cut it even shorter — a sort of shaggy pixie cut.

And today I went in and got the full Emma Watson treatment.

Part of the reason I got it cut so short is that I’m leaving Chicago and I want to avoid having to find a new stylist for a while. (I’ve been seeing the same amazing person here for five years and I am so sad to be leaving her. She has cut my hair in every permutation — long, short, growing out, all of it — and has done a great job every single time.)

The other part is that I stopped coloring my hair and the gray just looks better on short hair. I’m actually a little dismayed at how much gray I have now — I basically stopped coloring my hair about six months ago, so each time I’ve gone in for a cut (about every six weeks), more and more of the colored hair has been cut off. I think there’s very little left of that last box of color — and even that box was semi-permanent color, so there wouldn’t be a ton of it left anyway. My hair is pretty much its natural color now — and that natural color is completely shot through with gray. It’s no longer just in the isolated strands around my forehead –it’s spread to my temples and the crown and the nape of my neck. I have a gray patch at my part. A patch!

If I’m going to be this gray at 33 — which is young even for the women in my family, and the women on both sides of my family go gray early — I figure I might as well have the most stylish, progressive, daring cut I can. (Keeping in mind I can’t be THAT daring because I am, after all, a lawyer.) And the short hair is that — it’s super cute, it fits my face and style, and I think it keeps me young. (This is a young pixie cut, not soccer mom short hair, after all.)

So I’m pleased with it. My stylist has been going shorter and shorter with each cut and I think she finally got it short enough! And I feel good about it.


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  1. Um, picture? 🙂 But I agree – early gray looks awesome with an edgy cut!

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