Stay-at-home wifely adventures, Day 2

I have unpacked the rest of the books. All books now live on shelves. No books live near their natural book friends (except my cookbooks, which Mr. D. kindly collected on the shelf nearest the kitchen). The disorganization of the books bothers me but I’m not sure I have the energy to deal with it right now. Maybe after we have everything else in place I can think about reorganizing the books.

In better news, though, I am pretty much finished with the master closet. I even unpacked Mr. D.’s shoes. I still need to reorganize my dresser — and we still need to buy another dresser because we don’t have enough space for all of our clothes — but things are more or less put away.  Except scarves, gloves and hats — and I am really dreading figuring out where those things will live and how they’ll be organized. My standard “throw them all in a pile near the door” method isn’t going to work here, unfortunately.

It’s definitely starting to look (and feel) more like home around here. But it’s not going to be totally comfortable until we have seating in the living room — which means furniture shopping this week. Wish us luck finding a couch we can both live with.


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  1. What I’ve done with hats and gloves (mine) are using those closet organizers that are wide enough for a pair of shoes – that way I can open the closet/wardrobe and see them all at once, but they’re out of sight. I have one of those IKEA scarf organizers for the scarves, but it’s imperfect.

    For my husband’s hats (which are too big for closet organizers, and he needs to see them, anyway), I bought hat holder-things that screw into the wall (like you see at stores).

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