After four days home alone, our home is actually starting to feel like, well, a home:

  • The upstairs/master suite is basically done until we can buy that new dresser we are planning to buy this week. Until then, my sweaters are living on a spare bookcase — and if I’m honest I’ll tell you that when my sweaters move into the new dresser, I’m not sure what I’ll do with the spare bookcase because this house? Has crazy amounts of built-in shelving that I both adore and find frustrating. (Frustrating because the books have to live only in rooms with built-in shelves, of course.)
  • We also bought some lovely new sheets for our bed and I finally moved the lamps in the house around so that the two upstairs are matching, so our bedroom is now an oasis of comfort. Or something like that.
  • The guest room…oh, the guest room! I am so excited about the guest room. It is so so so close to being done.  The bed has been done up with this lovely set (the color of which I didn’t love right away but the blue matches the existing drapes better than the “spice” color that was also available — and I have to say the blue has grown on me). I also scored two giant “euro” pillows (the square kind) for the “euro” shams that came with the set for $15 each (technically, one was $29 and the other was $1 at Penney’s). I also hung the last two sets of blinds in there today so we can actually pull the drapes back without exposing the interior of the house to the street.
  • We bought a couch yesterday (graphite color). (We did not pay that much, by the way. Also by the way, Macy’s is having a sale!) I love it also. I love it more than my super cheap down alternative euro pillows, more than my oasis of a bedroom, more than the granite countertops in the kitchen. I am so excited for it to be delivered….which it won’t be for at least 2 weeks because it’s backordered in the warehouse until next Monday. The only upside is that it might end up getting scheduled for delivery while my in-laws are visiting so we won’t have to push delivery to a weekend.

And that’s it here. Four days of unemployment is basically over. Back to work tomorrow!

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