How I spent my day off

I wish it were acceptable for me to only bill four hours a day, every day, because today was perfect: I did some work this morning, from the couch, in my jammies; then I went to the gym for a leisurely workout; and finally, I stopped by Pier 1 for some needed home decor items (that were on clearance, yay!). Now I’m in sweats, watching Law & Order and sipping a glass of wine. Seriously, can every work day be like this, not just the days when the office is closed?

Here are some obligatory photos of the home decor items:

(We got the vase for Christmas, but it needed something just right to go in it. I find it a little strange that I am now one of those people who has an arrangement of greenery on permanent display in my living room.)

(We needed something to sit on the “cocktail ottoman” that we could rest drinks in, as well as a place to collect the various remotes — TV, cable box, receiver, Apple TV. Too many devices, y’all. Bonus shot of the dog!)


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  1. Cute place! Cute dog!

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