Still like my job

In the last week, two different partners (neither of whom I do work for) have come by my office to chat about how things are going for me. Both told me that everyone is happy I’m there. Both told me people are happy with my work. Both asked me if I enjoyed what I was working on, and whether I was getting to work on stuff that interested me. And both told me to be sure to tell any partner if I get overwhelmed and have too much on my plate.

Things like that are why I don’t mind that I make less money than I did as a first year associate in BigLaw, or that I basically had to train myself on our document management system, or that there are no in-house CLEs. Things like that are why I don’t have a panic attack when I make a small mistake. Things like that are why my (nearly one hour each way) commute doesn’t drive me crazy. Because I know that when I get to the office, people are going to give me work they think I can do, trust me to do it well, tell me how I can improve it, and then let me know I’ve done a good job.

I know it’s a shitty job market out there, but for those of you looking, I have some advice: If it’s an option (and I know it’s not for a lot of you, not necessarily because of debt but because there just aren’t any jobs), be willing to take less money. Look past the paycheck. Look past prestige. And pay attention to people. Your quality of life will thank you.

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