In other news

  • Still like my job, and it’s getting busier.
  • We finally finished organizing the home office yesterday and it’s such a nice little space now. I have a usable desk again! Just in time to turn edits on a draft tonight.
  • I tried to grate my finger in with the parmesan cheese last night. For such a relatively superficial scrape, it bled like the dickens. Also, when I took the band-aid off this morning to replace it, I noticed my finger looks a little like ground beef. Awesome.
  • We have daffodils in our backyard that are just starting to bloom.  We also have clumps of leaves from some other bulb growing in different spots all over the yard — in the flower beds along the back wall, in a little mound of mulch that got left in a corner of the yard before we moved in, under the oak tree.  I don’t know what they are, but I hope they turn out pretty. I love spring bulbs.
  • We finally found a church that we like. And we’re joining right as they’re going through a rector search. This will be the third church I’ve belonged to that has gone through a rector search shortly after I started attending.  Here’s hoping this rector search and transition is one of the good ones.