The clothes make the woman.

I find that I tend to dress up a lot more now that I’m obviously pregnant than I did before I was showing (or before I was pregnant). It’s a Friday, and I’m wearing a skirt, heels, and pearls, for heaven’s sake! Most of my office is in jeans, and at least one partner is almost certainly wearing shorts!

A big part of it is that I want to continue to be taken seriously during my pregnancy. And I have no reason to believe I won’t be — this is a good place — but it’s still a law firm, and people still have biases. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m coasting till my maternity leave, y’know?  Luckily, most of the maternity clothes I’ve bought are pretty professional — black pants, two nice black skirts, two office-appropriate wrap dresses.  And I am still fitting into my nicest (and lowest-rise) designer jeans (and I hope to continue fitting into them for a while, even though I did buy a pair of Gap maternity jeans, which were on ridiculous sale, and that are still a touch too big, so I’m hoping they work in the fall when I’m much bigger than I am now).

Anyway, I didn’t necessarily want this post end up being about fashion; I really just wanted to note that, no matter how far we’ve come as women, we still have a ways to go.  I can work in a place where every female partner has kids and still worry that I need to make sure my attire is above the office curve so I continue to be taken seriously. It’s a good thing I like to dress up.

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