I always find the summer solstice a little bittersweet.  I love the long days of summer and I hate realizing that, from here on out, the days are just going to be getting shorter.  For the next six months, there will be a little less daylight every day.

Worst of all, this year, when that shortest day rolls around, I’ll be newly post-partum.  This worries me. I tend to have mild seasonal affective issues anyway; I imagine having a baby and dealing with first-time parenthood is only going to make those issues more pronounced. So I’m approaching today with a little dread.

What I should be doing is remapping my feelings about the summer solstice — you know, instead of feeling all “impending doom!” about it, I should look on it like a marker:  By the time the next solstice rolls around, I’ll have a baby in my arms! And that will be wonderful and magical! It will also be hard, yes.  But it will be mostly wonderful, right?


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  1. You will be too busy to care about a trifling thing like daylight. Honest. 🙂 (And congrats!)

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