We’ve got a dancer in there!

Yesterday afternoon I sat in a meeting with several members of a client’s upper management and twice as many representatives of a government agency. It was a productive meeting, but I was nervous the whole time — because the baby decided that this important meeting was the best time to practice his/her jump, jive, and wail. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my (unbuttoned) jacket lapel jumping every 15 seconds as the baby kicked and punched and wiggled and rolled. And I’m sure the rest of the room could, too.

I honestly don’t get tired of feeling the baby move, but I somehow don’t think the rest of the world is as enamored by seeing my belly dance.


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  1. When I was pregnant I learned that most of the time no one else noticed that my clothes were jumping around on my body. Unless we were sitting together on a couch or something. Most of the time I think people are so into what they are doing, saying, and thinking, they don’t notice things like that.

    I think you are safe!

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  3. hahaha omg I remember the first time AF gave me a good kick — I was in a training with new co-workers who didn’t know I was pregnant. I jumped a mile in surprise… mumbled something about seeing a bug.

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