We might as well just go back 100 years.

This should not be happening. Period.

Vaccinate your kids. Vaccinate your kids. Vaccinate your kids.


Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Until I worked at a law firm, I never had to use a PC for anything, at least post-high school. My college was a Mac campus, then I worked at a university that was a Mac campus, then I went to a law school that didn’t require me to use a PC…it wasn’t until my first day as a summer associate in 2007 that I had no choice but to use a PC on a daily basis.

Even though I didn’t own my own Mac until after college, I used a lot of them in college. From Mac Classics (b&w and color), to Quadras, to various Power Macintoshes (6100, 7100, 8100), to Performas, to the first G3s (remember the really ugly all-in-one?), to various models of PowerBook, to the first iMacs. And then after college, I began buying my own Macs (and then iPods):

  • PowerBook G3 (Pismo): 2000-2005
  • Third gen iPod Classic: 2003-2007 (still have it, doesn’t work)
  • PowerBook G4 (12″): 2005-present; 2007-present (two machines, one (mine) bought new, one (Mr. D’s) bought used, both still work)
  • Second gen iPod Nano: 2007-present (still have it, still works)
  • MacBook Pro (15″): 2008-present (my current Mac)
  • MacBook Unibody (13″): 2009-present (Mr. D.’s current Mac)
  • Second gen iPod Touch: 2009-present (still have it, still works, primary iPod)

And tomorrow, I think I’m going to preorder my first iPhone.

I’m not a fanboy (or fangirl, as the case may be), but I have always loved Macs. The interface, the intuitiveness, the ease with which things Just Work. I like technology but I also like technology to work. I’ve never been one of those people who wants to have to work too hard to make something work.  And in all my years of using Macs, that’s never really been a problem. Sure, the project I was working on may have required hard work, but making it work on the computer? Never a big deal. This is how technology should be — if we’re going to invite it into our lives and become dependent on it, it should Just Work. Apple products always seemed to Just Work.

And we owe a lot of that to Steve Jobs’ vision. So it’s not all that surprising that I was saddened to hear of his death. When he retired in August, I knew his health must be really bad and figured we’d be reading his obituary sooner rather than later. But even that didn’t make it any less of a shock to hear he’d finally gone.

So RIP, Steve. You will be missed.

Time really does fly.

How is it already October? What happened to September?

Oh, I remember — I worked the entire month. I worked and worked and worked. It was a busy month for me. I billed 50% more in September than I did in August. Now, to be fair, I took some vacation time in August and the last couple of weeks of August were sort of slow for me, but still. (Of course, I did the math and, while my September was busy for me personally and for an associate at my firm, it would have put me just above making pace at my old firm. So there’s some perspective for you. I clearly was never cut out for BigLaw.)

September was stressful, workwise, not just because I was doing a lot of work, though that was of course part of it. It was also stressful, though, because that work had a very up-and-down quality to it. There were a few days that I billed only a few hours while in the office, only to get an email in the evening that required me to take a late conference call and then stay up turning a draft. Or where I’d had a nice steady day in the office followed by something exploding on me at 5 pm. I spent a lot of time putting out fires, in other words.

So I’m glad September is over, but I’m sad that I missed it. I really love September — it’s my birthday month, it’s the first month of the school year, it’s when college football gets going, and it’s (usually) when the weather starts getting better. While we did celebrate my birthday this year (we took a quick romantic overnight trip), and we’ve been watching college football, I don’t really notice the school year anymore, and the weather here last month was pretty wretched. So not only was I too busy to enjoy September, but I also would probably not have enjoyed it even if I’d had the time to slow down and enjoy it.

I guess I’m glad it’s October — theoretically, things should calm down at work, which is good, because we have childbirth and babycare and breastfeeding classes this month; and the weather is supposed to get more delightfully fall-like, with clear skies and crisp air; and (if my OB doesn’t change her mind) I’ll get to go home at the end of the month to see my family one last time before we become parents. I just wish it hadn’t snuck up on me like this.