I think they call this nesting.

Yesterday, my work colleagues threw me a lovely little impromptu shower, and something about getting all “baby” at work really threw me into task mode.  After finishing a somewhat tedious assignment, I found myself furiously cleaning my office — shredding old paper, filing things that needed to be kept, scrubbing my desk. It was a little insane. And I haven’t really fallen out of task mode since.  My house is clean — we had a cleaning lady come this week because I am really not capable of scrubbing the floors/bathrooms/appliances any more — so I’ve been doing other things. Like:

  • I went to Costco and bought out the place
  • I went to Wegman’s and bought them out, too.
  • I had my car detailed.
  • I installed the car seat in my car (with Mr. D.’s help, of course).
  • I’m making cornbread for the cornbread dressing we’re having on Thanksgiving.
  • I washed a bunch of baby towels and receiving blankets and onesies.
  • I’m washing my own clothes right now.
  • I placed a giant order with Amazon for additional stuff that we really need — Pack-n-Play sheets, washcloths, Snappis (plastic diaper pin things), a baby grooming/healthcare kit.

And I really don’t feel inclined to stop yet. It’s like, what else needs to be done? What else can I do Right Now? Tomorrow, I plan to go to Target and Babies R Us (thankfully, they’re next door to each other in the shopping center we go to) and buy a bunch of stuff I’ll need for the hospital — an inexpensive nightgown and bathrobe, some socks, etc. — as well as a few remaining baby items — a Boppy, some fleece swaddles, baby socks, Lansinoh.

My fear is that, once I do all of that, I’ll really be Done, and then I’ll just be sitting around waiting to go into labor. I am not the most patient person under the best of circumstances; let me assure you that carrying this baby around has not improved that. I am tired and uncomfortable and none of my clothes fit, and all I really want is to meet our kid! If it’s really going to take another three weeks (when I’ll be induced if I don’t go into labor naturally), I am going to lose my mind.


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  1. Awww… total nesting meltdown!! Thinking good thoughts for an easy birth and a happy baby.

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