This is the purpose of nesting

Trip to BabiesRUs: 1 Boppy, 1 manual pump (with 15% off coupon), 1 box breast pads, and 3 sleepers (ducks, frogs, monkeys, all sooooo cute).

Trip to Target: 1 inexpensive bathrobe, 1 comfy nursing top, 1 pair low rise maternity yoga pants (low rise enough to accommodate potential C-section incision — I like to be prepared), 6 pair cheap socks for me, 6 pair socks for baby, 1 monkey-printed sleeper/gown with matching hat, 1 tube Lansinoh, and 1 package wipes.

Stop at McDonalds: 1 large chocolate shake.

Three loads of laundry: 3 giant balls of lint.

Long walk with dog: 3 contractions (not painful, just Braxton-Hicks).

Given the last item on that list, I’ll call today a success, even if the contractions weren’t the real thing.

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