Love notes

Mr. D.’s job has a few quirks, one of which is that it’s difficult for him to text or email me during the day, and he’s also not often available for phone calls. We’ve gotten used to this, though it’s a big change from his last job, where he sat in a server room and could Gchat with me all day.

This week, however, he’s at a training, instead of in his office, and he has many more opportunities to text me (or email me or call me) during the day. And I’m really enjoying it.

I remember when texting was pretty new and no one in my cohort really used it — we all had cellphones, but I think texting was still a pay-as-you-go feature then, and none of us bothered with it. Why spend the $0.25 per message (or however much it was) when you could just call your friends?  But then I took an undergraduate class (while I was working at the university) and suddenly I had all these younger friends who were using text a lot, and I discovered that it wasn’t that expensive to send a few messages a month, and the next thing I knew, I had a texting package on my cellphone.

Mr. D., though, was less convinced. He still didn’t see the utility in it. Why not just call people?

I think it was halfway through law school when Mr. D. finally got on board with texting. Suddenly, he discovered that it could be much easier to text me than call me, especially because cellphone reception at my law school was horrendously bad. I could almost always get a text, but calls were much iffier, and even if a call came through, it was almost guaranteed to get dropped as soon as I answered. So he’d text me to let me know he was on his way, or what did I want for dinner, or just to say “I love you.”

When we first started dating (nearly 11 years ago, oh my God, I am so old), we would send each other emails back and forth all day. I have all of them saved. They are all adorable. Little notes about last night’s date, about plans for the weekend, about funny internet memes like the Hamster Dance. Over the years and for a variety of reasons, we’ve sent each other fewer cute emails during the day, and sometimes I miss that. Texting has replaced that a little bit (and now that I have Google Voice and can save all of my texts, it’s even better), but it’s not quite the same.  And of course, now that Mr. D. can’t really text me during the day (or even email me) it’s definitely not the same.

But this week, it’s a little bit like the old days. He’s texted me about whether enchiladas sound good for dinner (they did, and they were awesome last night), about changing the door locks this weekend (we had an issue with one of our dogwalker’s employees, and want to cover our bases as far as security goes), and just to say he loves me. It’s nice. And I’ll miss it when he’s back in the office next week.