More on maternity fashion

Two of my good law school friends are getting married later this summer and I am so excited about their wedding. Not only does it let me go back to Law School City and see many law school friends, but it also promises to be a heck of a shindig.

The kicker is that I got the invitation today — beautiful, heavy cream card stock — and discovered that the wedding is “black tie optional.”  That means my plan to find something basic and black and jersey is probably not going to work. (I mean, it COULD, but how boring for a black tie optional wedding! Those really don’t come along all that often.)

The second kicker is that I’ve now discovered that no one makes nice, pretty, formal wear for pregnant women.  I’ve looked around and while there’s lots of cheap, tacky, fake-rhinestoney stuff, and lots of less-cheap, drapey, jersey knit stuff, there’s very little classic, tasteful, well-made evening wear.  The stuff that seems to be more well-made is, as I noted, almost entirely jersey, and designed to go day-to-evening.  I would normally appreciate this — after all, I shouldn’t WANT to spend a ton on something I will wear once (not only because I’m pregnant but also because how often do you need to dress for a formal event while pregnant?). But, honestly? I’m just not jazzed about wearing jersey to this wedding.

So I guess I’ll explore Plan B: try to find something non-maternity with an empire waist, buy it a size up, and have my tailor take it in in the top. Third kicker: it’s hard to know now how big I’ll be in two months, so I need to wait to buy. But I can’t wait too long, because it’ll take my tailor at least a week to work his magic. (And he is magic.)

Any thoughts from other ladies? I’ll note that I will happily wear black jersey if I must, but I really do want to look dressed up, and not like I just came from a work event.