Checking things off the list.

Craigslist can be Win or Fail. This weekend, it was both. Mostly Win, but also some Fail.

I already mentioned that the stroller was a Win.

Sadly, the elliptical was a Fail. There’s a reason this guy was selling it for $250. We passed.

But Craigslist (well, really, Craigslist inspired by our neighborhood listserv) redeemed itself when I saw a Very Expensive glider for sale for less than I spend at the grocery store on a weekly basis. I saw the note on the listserv, checked out the Craigslist ad, and went by a few hours later.  We discovered the couple selling the glider went to UT, love Austin, and are hoping to move back there someday (file under People We Have Lots in Common With).  We sat in the chair and I wanted to immediately take a nap in it.  The fabric matches the paint in the “nursery” (the part of the master suite where we’re setting up all the baby stuff). The design is modern.

So we bought it and took it home and I still want to take a nap in it.

This baby thing is getting more real by the day.