Packing up for the last time

I finally started packing things up tonight. I have three more days, really, to get everything ready to go, so there’s not that much time! That being said, there’s not a lot of stuff in here, so it won’t take too much time overall. Still, I don’t want to be stressed out on Thursday night, so I tackled a few of the obvious targets this evening.

First, I packed up all of my workout clothes. Realistically, I am not going to run this week. The weather isn’t going to be cooperative and I just have too much other stuff going on. I’m not exactly proud of how uncommitted I’ve been to staying fit over the last 10 weeks — and particularly over the last four, to be really honest — but it is what it is, and I’ll be a lot less stressed knowing that I’ve just made a blanket decision to pack away all that stuff.

Second, I finally went through the pile of bathroom stuff that I just threw in a box when I moved into the sublet. I threw out those multitudes of tubes of Glove Potion Number Nine as well as old travel-size containers of shampoo and conditioner that I don’t use and a few nearly empty bottles of hair product. I neatly wrapped up my flat iron and curling iron — just in case I should someday grow my hair out again — and packed them into a bathroom caddy. And I threw out the sort-of tacky rattan and wire basket that all that stuff was crammed into and that I’ve been lugging around since we left Texas for Chicago. I don’t really like the basket and we definitely don’t have a spot for it in the new place, so out it went. That felt really good.

Finally, I rewrapped the fragile items that I’ve been lugging around (some antique crystal that was my great-grandmother’s that my aunt gave me recently and some old decorative china from Mr. D’s grandmother) and added the amber hobnail glass dish I picked up a few weekends ago at the neighborhood art festival (I know, it’s not really wise to buy more stuff when you’re in transition, but this piece is gorgeous and it was CHEAP). I tossed some magazines I picked up over the last few weeks. And I took my chipped toenail polish off. (OK, that’s not really a packing task, but it needed to be done before I packed away the nail polish remover, so I think it counts.)

I feel good about having gotten started. If I can keep it up — doing a little bit each night this week — I should be in good shape to get out of here on time Friday afternoon.