Tunnel, light, end

The end is nigh.

Ten days nigh, in fact.

I am scrambling to finish up my last project at work, eating up the perishables in my refrigerator, and drinking my way through the two bottles of wine I bought over the weekend.  I’m going to last-minute doctor and dentist appointments and arranging for my final utility shut-offs.

It would be an understatement to say I am ready. I am over being away from my husband, yes, but more to the point, I am over being In Transition.

I think I said once that I was having such a hard time with this little ten week separation that I couldn’t understand how people managed for year- and years-long deployments. And that’s still true — I still don’t really understand how they do it. But I bet at least part the coping mechanism is helped by being Where They Are. I’ve thought many times how much easier these last several weeks would have been if I hadn’t been living in an empty apartment and then in a crappy studio.  The few days and weeks I had at home with all of my things, with my dog, were hard but were doable.  I had my routine, my stuff, my familiar surroundings. Being out of that comfort zone AND being without my spouse…well, that’s just crappy. (Oh, and celebrating my birthday during that time didn’t help.)

But now we’re on the very downward face of it all. And I am so glad. I can see the end, really see it. It can’t come quickly enough.