If you don’t like it, wait a few minutes.

I fully intended to spend today packing up those clothes I definitely won’t wear in the next five days. I figured those clothes would include most of my tank tops and t-shirts — and most of my skirts as well — because it’s been chilly here in Chicago.

Except I just looked at the weather and it’s supposed to get hot again this week. Back up into the 80s. And then back down into the 60s and low 70s. So I am going to have to keep out a variety of clothes for the week because I have no idea what the weather will be like from day to day — will it actually get that warm? Will it be super windy so the warmth doesn’t really matter? Will it rain? The forecast is not very helpful — this is Chicago, after all, and when the five-day shows medium chances of rain most days but also medium chances of sun and cloud cover…well, I know the weather could do just anything.

Five days. That’s all that I have left before I get to be home.


What what?

One busy day at work where I forgot to eat, and one day of travel where I got very little sleep (but ate too much and not well) has resulted in my losing an additional two pounds. I find this sort of shocking.

What I don’t find shocking so much as absolutely deliciously wonderful is that I put on my favorite jeans and did not have to wiggle to get them buttoned. They just slid right on. I still don’t think I’m going to hit that goal weight by June 10, but I’m a little closer. And feeling really good.

This is my new motivation

I really do hate counting calories and obsessing about what I eat.

But this morning I put on a sweater that I’ve owned for 9 years but haven’t worn in at least 2 because in those last 2 years it had become unflatteringly tight on my arms (we’re talking painted-on tight).

It looks fabulous.

That means I can once again wear clothes (at least on my top) that I wore not only 2 years ago when I was last at my current weight, but also that I wore 7 years ago when I was 10 lbs. lighter than I am now—and almost 17 lbs. lighter than I was two months ago.  I can once again wear clothes that I wore when I was in my 20s.

Yeah, that’s the motivation now.

Fickle weather

Yesterday I picked up my drycleaning, which included my trenchcoat, which I hadn’t worn since the end of February because I took it with me to Vegas and it reeked of cigarettes and sin. As I picked it up, I thought, “I really should have had this cleaned sooner, it’s gotten too warm for it now. It’s just going to sit in the closet until the fall.”

I was wrong.

It is 47˚ outside right now. It’s not supposed to get above 65˚ for the next several days.

So I guess the “end of the season coat drycleaning” is just like the “it’s not going to rain car washing.”  Next time I want it to get warm, I’m having my best linen sundress cleaned.

Things I’m too old for, #1

I think I’m too old for them, but I just bought these:

platform rope wedges

The spouse claims they look like stripper shoes. I think they make my legs look long, and I bought them for vacation and to wear with a cute embroidered cotton dress, so I figure they’re probably OK.

But I’m definitely too old for them.